How to get your ex back? No Contact Rule

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I hope this book helps you to understand what would and would not work if you want your ex back. I hope you also learn to ask the right question:

“What should I do to increase the chance of my ex wanting to come back to me?”

Your ex is an individual with their wants and needs. They should want to be with you if they will be with you again. You can only make yourself more attractive (through mystery, strength and self improvement) and keep the door open for them (although you are walking away). Rest is up to your ex.

No contact rule will give you all these three: mystery, strength and self improvement. In addition to those, it will also make your ex feel the consequences of the breakup.

The key here is becoming a person who can be happy with or without his/her ex. Maybe you were like that before the relationship or breakup maybe you were not. This is a good chance to be an independent individual.
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Table of Contents


What is no contact? 

How to get over breakup pain?

After Breakup

My ex does not respond to my messages

My ex blocked me

Mind reading - What my ex is thinking 

Secret Agent - Stalking your ex

Staying friends with your ex

Should i contact my ex on valentine's day, his/her birthday or any special occasion?  

Working with your ex

How to get your ex back?

Mistakes that will make you lose your ex forever

No Contact Process

Stages your ex goes through after breakup

Putting your ex on pedestal

Does my ex think about me?

Will my ex ever contact me again?

Will my ex move on (during no contact)?

My ex is dating someone new

My Ex Reached out to me

Should i reply to my ex who dumped me?

How to respond to an ex after no contact?

Ex refuses to meet up

Your ex wants to meet as "friends"

When your ex flakes on you

Meeting your ex after no contact

Me and my ex back together now what?

The fundamental rule of relationships


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